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 Horses needed 

rider-001Owners of Currently Showing Horses Encouraged to Apply

Pentathlon World Cup Finals, 2016 Sarasota, FL

May 02nd - May 09th

Equestrian Athlete Information and Application

Each year the International Union of Modern Pentathlon grants five World Cup competitions and one World Cup Final to bidding countries from their fifty four federations throughout the world. This exciting year of the Rio Olympics, the United States has the honor of receiving the winning bid for the World Cup Finals in the 2016 series. We are pleased to announce that Sarasota, Florida is once again the location of this World Cup Final on the dates of May 2nd through May 09th. With your help, we hope to make this World Cup Final a very successful and memorable event during this Olympic Trial Year.

Each World Cup includes a Jury Ride to determine the best horses for the finals competitions, an Opening Ceremony celebrating its Olympic origins, and a competition for men and women that includes fencing, swimming, equestrian riding, running, and laser shooting. Many of the athletes that competed in the London Games will be arriving in Sarasota, FL dreaming of competing this summer in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil home of the XXX1 Olympiad. For many of the athletes it will be their last chance to qualify for the Rio Olympics. With that in mind, it will set the World Cup Finals 2016 to be an absolutely amazing competition. All eyes and ears will be focused on Sarasota, Florida as our athletes compete for their Road to Rio team placement.

We invite you to join us in the excitement and celebration of an Olympic Year event in the sport of Modern Pentathlon. This competition in the United States will be providing a venue for you to promote your horse, while at the same time providing valuable service to the many experienced equestrians as they compete. In the sport of Modern Pentathlon, the athlete is issued his equine partner through a draw just prior to competing in the arena. It's a tradition 100 years strong in the Olympics and one that shows the true ability of the competitor's adaptability, both horse and human.


The audience is made up largely of international and domestic spectators. We provide many amenities, including stabling at the venue with a practice arena to give the equine athlete every opportunity to perform at their best. Both practice and competition arena are on a grass course designed and approved by UIPM.


2016 Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final - Equestrian Competition Details

For the Equestrian phase of the Modern Pentathlon, pentathletes ride an unfamiliar horse (drawn by lot) over a jumper course of 350 - 450m length consisting of 12 obstacles, including a combination of two elements (a double) and another of three elements (a triple) at a maximum height of 1.2M for a total of 15 efforts.

There will be 36 women competing day one and 36 men competing day two. The final day consists of a mixed relay with a reduced number of obstacles. The LOC will provide a total of 25 horses for this event. Eighteen horses are selected for the competition with seven alternates available. Each horse will jump the course twice daily throughout the competition with two separate riders.

Equestrian Participation & Benefits

  • Payment for horses selected to participate in the jury ride and each additional competition ride
  • Stable Stall
  •        Includes bedding (bagged pine shavings).
  •        Hay(feeding of either Alfalfa, T&A,Coastaland Peanut).
    Supplements and other feed provided by owner.
    All confirmed horses will be added to the USA Pentathlon World Cup Finals Insurance Rider.
  • Website listing
  • Official 2016 Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final saddle pad
  • Official Modern Pentathlon World Cup Certification of horse
  • Four tickets Opening Ceremony at John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
  • Four tickets to Closing Ceremonies and Closing BBQ at Nathan Benderson Park
  • Parking Passes
  • Official Horse Participation Certificate 
  • 2 Ticket to VIP Area at Nathan Benderson Park 
  • 10 General Admission Tickets

How do I apply for my horse to participate?

Please download and complete the "Equestrian Participation Application," then forward it to Equine@SBpentathlon.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


  • You will be contacted by an LOC representative
  • You will be asked to provide a brief video of your horse
  • An LOC representative will schedule time to come out and observe your horse jump a suitable course
  • Once your horse is selected, the LOC will provide a contract

Schedule of Equestrian Events

May 5:  Jury Ride

May 6: Women's Competition Final - 36 female pentathletes will compete. Each horse will be ridden through the course no more than once.

May 7: Men's Competition Final - 36 male pentathletes will compete. Each horse will be ridden through the course no more than once

May 8: Co-ed Relay Final - Number of pentathletes is to be determined. Horses will be ridden no more than once.

Additional Details

  • Stables will be provided for the duration of the event
  • Bedding will be provided by the LOC (bagged pine shavings)
  • Hay (Alfalfa or T/A) will be provided by LOC; grain/other feed and supplements to be provided by owner/trainer
  • Saddles to be provided by LOC
  • Bridles/bits/martingales (no standing martingales permitted) to be provided by horse owner/trainer
  • All confirmed horses will be added to the USA Pentathlon Insurance


International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) rules require all members of attending delegations to insure themselves.

Pentathletes are only allowed to participate in the UIPM sanctioned events if they have insured themselves against accidental injury or illness. Organizers and horse owners/trainers will not accept any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any loss, injury, or illness of any member of the delegation.

Pentathletes are only allowed to participate in the UIPM sanctioned events if they have a valid UIPM issued athlete's license. Pentathletes without riding ability listed on their License Card and without a letter from their National Federation confirming their ability to ride face severe penalties. (UIPM Rule 1.13)

  • Professional riders will ride the horses in the jury trial
  • A vet and farrier will be on site during the event
  • Grooms/horse handlers will be assigned to each horse for the duration of the event
  • Owners/trainers will have credentials will be given full access to their horses during the event





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